A Note on the Photographs:

With the demise of Seattle FilmWorks, these comments are mostly of only "academic" value ....

Gabriel and I each took ten rolls of film, most of which we used. We were able to pass cameras and film around X-ray machines everywhere but Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris on our return flight, one of the few places people were overtly rude for no apparent reason. Gabriel used Seattle FilmWorks color print film in his camera, I used Extachrome (Kodak Elite Chrome ED-200) in mine. Both processed by Seattle FilmWorks. The scans were from Seattle FilmWorks' "Pictures On Disk" which seem to be fine for the print film, but were very poor from the Extachrome: apparently they scan from the internegatives rather than the slides themselves. As a result, the scans are acceptable for images with a narrow density range, but are very poor on subjects with a wide density range (as in Chamonix with most subjects including deep shadows and bright snow). Of the CD's we received, about half did not contain the advertised high-resolution scans, one was missing several of the photos, and one was totally unreadable (but I was able to download the scans from their website). Considering how inexpensive scanners are these days, I wouldn't recommend wasting money on scanning! Wish I'd saved the money for a film scanner instead.

Most of the photos here are 72 dpi jpeg images about 300 pixels wide. I learned a bit about the best settings as I went along, so some of the first images are pretty bad (e.g., at the Louvre). Maybe I'll fix them later .... If anyone were interested, I could also add links to higher resolution photos. At any rate, it would be nice to hear what you think about this production, send any other comments or questions to mbliss /at/ rdrop /dot/ com.

Thanks for looking!

Text and photos copyright 1999 Meredith L. Bliss